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Balancing Reuse and Duplication with React

Working with Components in a React project I usually reach a point where there are pieces that I need to add that are similar to components that exist, but not 100% the same. There might be slight differences in what data is available or the order it is presented. When dealing with code, this…

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Reflecting on the impact of Note-taking

In this post I'll be sharing some thoughts I've had over Q4 2020 and January 2021 as they relate to my experiences taking notes most working days for Q4 2020. The goal For Q4 2020 I set a goal to "End most days writing some notes that capture (at a high level) what I did that day and what I learned…

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First impressions of Postgraphile

Over the last few months I've gotten to work on a project utilizing Postgraphile for the first time, and it was pretty fun! I was jumping into the project near the end, so I wasn't involved in setting up the library, but I did get a fair amount of usage time in and wanted to write down and…

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Debugging React SSR Patching Problems

When using React 16, an issue that I've run into pretty frequently when using Server Side Rendering (SSR) is messed up styling. That may sound like a pretty vague thing, but generally this is accompanied by an obscure warning that doesn't seem related, something like: There's likely terms in this…

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Why I started a newsletter

Hi there! I started a newsletter! You can sign up at the bottom of this post, or by heading over to the newsletter page ! Why a newsletter? First things first, I like newsletters. I prefer to get an email about important things over any other communication method, in most cases. If someone that I…

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Why I cross-post

Some history Since writing my first blog post over a year ago on my new gatsy-powered site, I've gone back and forth with how I want to share the content that I create. The main channel I've used so far is twitter, since that's pretty much the only platform that I'm active on social media wise. So…

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Git Rebase... with Merges?

Did you know that git rebase -i will drop merge commits by default? I certainly didn't realize that was happening until a time at work when I had to keep the merge commits in as I rebased one branch to not have a feature anymore, which had been merged in as a series of small pull requests... much…

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