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Sharpen Your Axe: Tools to Find Knowledge

What does it mean to "find knowledge"? At work recently I've been reflecting a lot on the idea of "learning time" and how to effectively utilize that time to progress as a developer and be able to better do my job. In those musings, I've realized that a lot of the goal is to improve your skills so…

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Who am I?

Hi there! I'm Jordan Nielson, and I'm the creator on this here blog site. I'm hoping to have this site contain all forms of creations that I embark on in my free time, which to start off with will be these blog posts. I'm hoping that by spending more time writing about the things I'm learning and…

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Getting Started with the gatsby-eggheadio-blog-starter

The gatsby-starter-egghead-blog was recommended to me by @chrisbiscardi as an option that is the most "batteries included" blog starter . I was tempted to start with a theme approach, but realized that I eventually wanted to be able to dig into the gatsby internals and learn more about them…

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