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Getting my feet wet with TypeScript

Hi there! I'm writing this post with the goal of helping people who are in a similar spot to where I am, at the time of writing. As mentioned in my changing jobs post , my new job mostly uses TypeScript. Prior to this job I'd written a total of zero characters of production TypeScript! Starting at…

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Tips and Tricks - Starting a new [Thing]

Hi there! As I mentioned in my last post that I was changing jobs , I've recently had the pleasure of starting in on some new projects at a new job. It's been a rollercoaster trying to absorb as much information as possible while also trying to contribute to the forward progress of the company and…

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jnielson Is Changing Jobs

Hi there! This post is a bit more of a meta post then what I hope to do in the future, but there have been some changes in my life situation that I wanted to share and write about! 🎉 I recently moved to working at a new company, Underbelly Creative Inc. 🎉 Change is hard, but I'm stoked for the…

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Intro To React Hooks

The story behind the post Feel free to skip this section 😃 At work we pretty regularly give training to other developers with a wide range of experience, one of our offerings being an internal "react bootcamp" that is presented over the course of a week primarily targeting developers who are new to…

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Evaluating JavaScript Open Source Packages

In almost every project there will come a point where you reach for an existing package to augment your source code to make it simpler, more robust, or to reduce the amount of maintenance. When you reach for a libary it is important to evaluate the different options available, on a number of…

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Upgrading Your JavaScript Project Dependencies

Why Should we Update? How often should we update? What is the best way to update? When should we not update? Why is updating hard? What makes it easier? Some time ago, I set off to answer the above questions. In my position at work we interact with a lot of developers on a number of different…

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Demystifying webpack - What's a Bundler doing?

In my introduction to this series on Demystifying Build Tools , I introduced the core concepts of webpack and babel. I've created a couple other posts on various facets of babel, like @babel/preset-env and babel plugins more generally . If you haven't read those, I'd highly recommend them…

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