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Intro To React Hooks

The story behind the post Feel free to skip this section 😃 At work we pretty regularly give training to other developers with a wide range of experience, one of our offerings being an… Read Article →

Evaluating JavaScript Open Source Packages

In almost every project there will come a point where you reach for an existing package to augment your source code to make it simpler, more robust, or to reduce the amount of maintenance… Read Article →

Upgrading Your JavaScript Project Dependencies

Why Should we Update? How often should we update? What is the best way to update? When should we not update? Why is updating hard? What makes it easier? Some time ago, I set off to answer… Read Article →

Demystifying webpack - What's a Bundler doing?

In my introduction to this series on Demystifying Build Tools , I introduced the core concepts of webpack and babel. I've created a couple other posts on various facets of babel, like… Read Article →

Demystifying Babel Plugins: A Debugging Story

In previous posts in this series, Build Tools Demystified and Demystifying @babel/preset-env I introduced the ideas I wanted to cover and then dove into @babel/preset-env to see what… Read Article →

Five Thoughts From Getting Into Open Source Maintenance

Normally I wouldn't be writing, let alone publishing, a blog post on a Sunday since I typically spend time with Family or at Church. Today's a bit unique since I got stranded in Dallas due… Read Article →

Demystifying @babel/preset-env

Ideally my post Build Tools Demystified helped to clarify some of the basic ideas in play when using babel and webpack. If not, please let me know things that can be clarified or added… Read Article →

Build Tools Demystified - My Thoughts

Hi again! Another prep post for a work talk I'm giving. The talk isn't until the start of October, so if you're reading this post after that point I hope it helps you. This one will probably… Read Article →

Sharpen Your Axe: Tools to Find Knowledge

What does it mean to "find knowledge"? At work recently I've been reflecting a lot on the idea of "learning time" and how to effectively utilize that time to progress as a developer and be… Read Article →

Who am I?

Hi there! I'm Jordan Nielson, and I'm the creator on this here blog site. I'm hoping to have this site contain all forms of creations that I embark on in my free time, which to start off… Read Article →

Getting Started with the gatsby-eggheadio-blog-starter

The gatsby-starter-egghead-blog was recommended to me by @chrisbiscardi as an option that is the most "batteries included" blog starter . I was tempted to start with a theme approach… Read Article →